Conference: How to Transform ICT from Expense to Investment

On April 18, Engineer Min Chen, Principal Consultant of Alcenit Corporation, spoke at the City of Knowledge Business Accelerator (AEP) about the main challenges organizations face in order to extract value from their investments in Information Technology and Communication (ICT).

The engineer explained that the perception of IT as an expense is due to strategies that focus only on operational performance. An interesting exchange with attendees at this conference showed why organizations that get more value from IT are not necessarily those that invest more in its technology platform. She proposed a way to convince senior management that IT is a strategic investment, based on information about the business, market and global trends.

The event sponsored by the City of Knowledge Business Accelerator (AEP) is part of the ICT Update Conference Cycle, which aims to raise awareness of the key challenges and possible solutions offered by ICT to increase competitiveness of Panamanian companies in a globalized context.

The cycle continues in July with the theme «Managing Technology: complexity under control» and in October 2012 with «IT Governance with ITIL.»

Alcenit Corporation, a Panamanian company founded in 2006, specializing in technology management and innovation, is Partner of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). Alcenit advises and trains organizations to obtain the expected value of their investments in technology.

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