“Competitive Acceleration through Agile Management” Conference at the AEP

Last Thursday, October 27, the City of Knowledge Business Accelerator along with the company Equation Group presented the conference “Competitive Acceleration through Agile Management”, which took place at the AEP inside the City of Knowledge.

During the conference, which counted with the participation of members of the entrepreneur network of the Business Accelerator and private companies, the objective of attaining a basic knowledge about Agile, the benefits it brings to companies and the way SEGO Innova can help people adopt Agile with great success, was achieved.

Abdiel Ledesma, a professional in Project Management with more than 15 years experience, dictated the conference.  Professor Ledesma is the President of PMI Capitulo Panamá, Partner and Founder of Equation Group, co-founder of SEGO Innova (Agile Project Management), professor at the Masters Degree Program in Project Management from the Universidad Interamericana de Panamá and an international well-known lecturer.

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