Commitment to bullying prevention in Latin America

Plan International, based in the City of Knowledge, Cartoon Network and its regional partners invited students and adults throughout Latin America, on Tuesday, May 29, to sign a pledge against bullying and act together to put a stop to bullying in schools.

The anti-bullying commitment expands the channel’s successful campaign launched in the U.S. in 2010 and throughout the region in November 2011, under the slogan: Stop bullying, don’t stay silent, in Spanish and Portuguese.

Cartoon Network’s partners: Facebook, Plan International, World Vision and the Ministry of Education of Mexico, along with Cartoon Network’s brother channel, Boomerang, are involved in promoting this project. With your help, the campaign Stop bullying, don’t stay silent includes television, online media and social networks and programs related to education and the community throughout Latin America, helping protect children of both bullying within schools and in their life online.

The Stop Bullying campaign was launched following the results of research showing that millions of children are affected by bullying at the regional level and that this is a major concern of parents, educators, experts and children themselves. A recent regional report from NGO, Plan International, and UNICEF estimates that between 50% and 70% of primary and secondary school children have been witnesses or victims of bullying.

Students and adults can sign the pledge on the campaign websites in Spanish ( and Portuguese ( as well as on Facebook ( and

The commitment is also posted on the site of the Learn Without Fear campaign of Plan International ( and on the World Vision site (

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