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Closing Ceremony of the OEI Children Project in Panamá Oeste

With the presence of more than 100 teachers of the Panamá Oeste area, the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), based in the City of Knowledge, held the closing ceremony of its Children Project.

The ceremony certified them as guardians and educators in early childhood education, and gave them basic kits to further develop activities that encourage meaningful learning in students who belong to the CEFACEI, ALFALIT and COIF of the Ministry of Social Development of Panama (MIDES).

The event was attended by the Ms. Monica Vargas, Coordinator of IDIE Panama, Professor Zuleika Obaldia, Early Education Regional Supervisor, Mr. Aldemar Guerra, Director of MIDES Chorrera, and Mitzie de Sanjur, Director of MIDES Arraiján.

The OEI feels the development of children during their early years is of utmost importance. This essentially depends on the incentives and motivations that are offered and the conditions in which they unfold. That is why at this stage a harmonic attention is necessary, taking into account the health, nutrition, protection and education of the children in various contexts (family, school and community), in order to support their growth, development and learning.

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