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Closing Ceremony of the Diploma in Environmental Management in the Energy Sector: The Critical Path

The City of Knowledge Foundation (FCDS) and the National Institute for Human Development (INADEH) held on Tuesday, July 24, at the Training and Business Center, the closing ceremony of the Diploma in Environmental Management in the Energy Sector: The Critical Path.

The event began with welcoming remarks by Professor Jorge Arosemena, Executive Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation, who thanked INADEH for their help in the task of building new goals that unite all citizens to create a new Panama, with capabilities and commitments. He was also very grateful to the companies that were involved with the students and the program team formed by Manuel Zárate, Guillermo Castro, Lourdes Lozano, Sandy Mosquera, Alma Tejada and Isabel Donato.

The Certificate Program Coordinator and Manager of Planeta Panamá Consultores, Dr. Manuel Zarate, was very happy for the success of the program. He stressed the educational adventure that, along with the City of Knowledge, gave scientific/technical training to the students and praised the great friendship that was developed between them. Dr. Zárate mentioned the research topics in which the diploma was based, the interdisciplinary work of the participants, and the fact that companies, by sending staff to take the course, are realizing the need for seeking a fair human development for our society.

Before the words of Ms. Amelie R. González A., the most distinguished student, who praised the team effort and enriching experience, the main board members handed out certificates to all students and gifts to the three best performing students.

To end the ceremony, Dr. Guillermo Castro, Academic Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation, emphasized the mission of the City of Knowledge to make knowledge available at the service of sustainable development by promoting the competitive advantages of Panama. He highlighted the FCDS program, one of the architects for sharing this mission with many other stakeholders in the country and thus enhancing the natural capital of Panama through the promotion of its social capital.


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