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Closing Ceremony of the CATHALAC Research & Study Abroad Program

On Thursday, July 26, the City of Knowledge Convention Center held the closing ceremony of the Research & Study Abroad Program on Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean of CATHALAC and the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Osvaldo Jordan, Academic Coordinator of CATHALAC, offered welcoming remarks in which he gave special thanks to all the students who made ​​a great effort to compile essential information for their research related to Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

Students of the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and a student of the University of Florida, who spent two months of data collection and analysis, interviews and site visits, presented their research projects. These were based on the following topics: Drinking Water Availability in the Central Provinces of Panama: A Case analysis in the upper part of the Rio Grande Watershed; Applications of NDVI and Temperature Mean in Precision Agriculture: An Assessment of the Correlations between Sugarcane Yield and Satellite-based indices in Ingenio Santa Rosa, Panama; The Effects of Land Cover Change on the Rio Grande and Santa Maria Estuaries in the Bay of Parita, Panama; and Change Analysis of Extreme Weather Events in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Zvia Leibler Danon, Program Coordinator, congratulated the students for successfully completing the program since they not only concluded a course on Climate Change and Sustainable Development from the perspective of Latin America and the Caribbean, but studied issues they don’t master in order to obtain new conclusions. She further emphasized that the students had a unique opportunity to learn Spanish and adapt to the Panamanian culture.

Mr. Emilio Sempris, CATHALAC Director, was responsible for closing the ceremony with special thanks to the host families and their work so that students could get to know more about life and culture in Panama. His main mention was, however, for the students and his desire that they will share their research in Panama with other countries.


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