City of Knowledge Sustainable Buildings advance rapidly

The construction of the new sustainable buildings at the City of Knowledge (Commercial Plaza and Dormitories) progresses rapidly and it is estimated that both buildings will be fully operational by mid 2012.

The Bioclimatic buildings, subject to an international competition for design and registered to obtain the LEED certification for green building design and construction, will provide a healthy environment for all those people who will work, visit or stay in them. They are also a very important part of the Sustainability Policy of the City of Knowledge, which brings it closer to the goal of becoming a Sustainable City, unique in Panama.

Both buildings have been registered for LEED Gold certification and so far 90% of them have been completed. The high standards implemented in the buildings are based on erosion, waste management, and indoor air quality plans, as well as the use of regional materials and certified wood.

For its part, the proposed new Commercial Plaza, with 4000 m2 and designed to house 30 businesses (restaurants, bank, bakery, coffee shop, pharmacy, library etc.), has a design that combines the basic elements of sustainable buildings with flexible space, ready to meet the gastronomic needs and other services required by people who work, live and visit the City of Knowledge and nearby communities. Access to the commercial plaza can be from either side, giving priority to pedestrian traffic, along with convenient underground parking.

The Dormitories project (over 5,500 m2) involves a total of 96 rooms with open courtyards for recreation and independent social areas, planned to house 241 people. The design incorporates sunshades and blinds to protect the building from excessive sun exposure and provides natural ventilation. This new building will provide accommodation for students, teachers and those engaged in activities such as training, education and exhibitions within the City of Knowledge.

Both buildings are models where sustainable construction practices have been implemented in design, construction and subsequent operation.

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