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City of Knowledge: One day of rock and environmental conscience

The third edition of the Festival Verde de Cultura Musical (FVCM) was probably, for Rock n’ Roll enthusiasts, the musical event of the year. Held at the Central Quad of the City of Knowledge, the festival has positioned itself as a musical, cultural and educational event of the highest level in Panama, which brought together about two thousand people through music and respect for the environment.

The festival included several educational booths where organizations promoted a culture of environmental sustainability, as well as places for food, drinks, clothing, crafts, games and incredible sculptures from Matildo‘s Art made ​​from discarded materials.

The Rock bands that played at the festival demonstrated once again that Panama has plenty of talent to conduct festivals of this caliber. The afternoon began with Son Azul, a pop rock band with harmonious and even playful music, which provided a rush of air to counter the summer heat. Alfonso Espriella, guest musician from Colombia, raised the decibels with the power of his guitar and voice, while Radicales Libres shook the stage with a dose of punk rock, and the heavy rock band Grannada increased the intensity level with its intense musical display.

By late afternoon, La Tribu appeared on the scene and dazzled audiences with their blend of rock and traditional sounds of Gunayala. Llevarte a Marte showed off its rock music fused with elements of reggae and ska that took the festival to another level. And then it was Polyphase that made a presentation worthy of virtuous and educated rock talents that left no one indifferent.

With hundreds of people animated and ready to continue, Señor Loop was the perfect magnet to attract all those fans that appreciate the music of this legendary Panamanian band. Javier Medina, one of the new revelation artists of the year, with its melancholic poetic rock, set the perfect tone for the evening. And the charismatic Carlos Mendez and his band drove an audience that grew in number and intensity into the night.

With Hello Seahorse! the sweet angelic voice of Denise was very well accompanied by the experimental music of this band, which gave the audience real moments of ecstasy just before Los Yegüeros lifted the peoples spirits with pure, direct, aggressive yet melodic, rock energy.

Good sensations could be felt in the air while Babasónicos once again took charge and got the people jumping and chanting to their greatest hits. Their performance felt like a rush of energy that was reflected in the extraordinary show they always seem to offer.

Yet the highlight of the night was the progressive and psychedelic Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, which ended the FVCM with an outpouring of virtuosity, energy and timing, earning the attention of an audience completely stunned and pleased.

The 2012 edition of the FVCM met its objectives to promote sustainability and musical culture, making the City of Knowledge, for a few hours, the center of the arts and environmental awareness movement of our country.


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