Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

City of Knowledge Foundation at the Digital Television in Panama Forum

Regarding its 30th anniversary, the Technological University of Panama organized the forum “Digital Television in Panama: The Challenges of the Analogic Shutdown”. The event took place at the Víctor Levy Sasso campus inside the Faculty of Computer Information Systems.

The forum counted with the presence of Eusebio Girau of the European Union Office in Panama, as well as with the presence of Manuel Lorenzo, Director of the Panama Business Accelerator (AEP), who participated as a moderator in the discussion panel “Capacitation and Formation”. The Communications and Information Technology Facilitator of the International Technopark of Panama, Dr. Gabino Ayarza Sánchez, also participated as a moderator in the discussion panel “Beginning of the Digital Television Operation in Panama”.

The conference highlighted the importance of themes such as: Accessible audiovisual content, Web TV and digital content, Digital audiovisual content, Implementation of digital TV in Spain, Colombia and Panama, Impact of the analogic shutdown in Panama, SERTV network projection, Operation of digital TV in Panama, Capacitation and Formation.

The event was made up of representatives of the Public Service Authority (ASEP), the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG), the Radio and Television State System (SERTV), the National Institute of Professional Formation and Capacitation for Human Development (INADEH), as well as local televisions, international lecturers, students and professionals.

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