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CINAT-UNA and Engeenuity join efforts to seek natural solutions to infestation of Bees

The Center for Tropical Beekeeping Research (CINAT) of the National University of Costa Rica and Engeenuity S.A., company affiliated to the City of Knowledge, join efforts to experimentally seek natural solutions to the Varroa and Nosema infestation of Bees by using APSE technology with three different application methods, which were jointly designed by both entities.

Dr. Johan van Veen, an expert in apiculture and behavior of Africanized Bees has performed scientific research for over twenty years, focusing on the improvement of bee handling in Costa Rica and Central America for the increased yield of bee colonies both quantity and quality-wise. He promotes through his research a model for natural apiculture based on bee handling adapted to their natural biological systems.

The Center for Tropical Beekeeping Research (CINAT) of the National University of Costa Rica is an institute specializing in studies of tropical bees. It promotes and supports the development of sustained Apiculture and Meliponiculture in Costa Rica and Central America through its interdisciplinary programs of scientific research, teaching, field extension and service. Through these efforts CINAT-UNA becomes a pioneer institution in bee research utilizing the innovative APSE™ technology based on Biophotonics and Photosonics.

Engeenuity S.A. is a technology company focused on research and development and creator of the APSE technology. This innovative technology utilizes portable laminar devices specifically designed for each application, which create and transmit infrared pulses and vibrations of very low intensity that influence various biological systems through a natural physical process. This process inhibits the growth of harmful microbes in food products and regulates important physicochemical water parameters. The micro-biostatic APSE laminar devices are light-activated, small and portable, of easy non-invasive, non-toxic and safe utilization, are chemical-free and do not require electricity or batteries. Engeenuity S.A. with offices at the City of Knowledge International Techno-Park in Panama has provided CINAT-UNA with technical expertise and all the necessary equipment, materials and technical protocols for the design and execution of all the necessary tests to achieve a successful joint project.

We foresee very positive results from these experimental tests, which will be performed at CINAT-UNA bee colonies in Costa Rica that could become of global benefit utilizing a treatment which is totally natural, safe, simple and chemical-free for the control of two of the most important plagues affecting bees worldwide.


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