Charla Abierta: Innovating Resilience in Urban Development

Environmental Engineer Scott Muller gave his lecture: Innovating Resilience in Urban Development, on Wednesday, October 24, at the City of Knowledge Convention Center.

The lecture began with a video on climate change, which explained that the last decade has been the warmest since humans started measuring temperatures, and it is contemplated that it will continue to get warmer. According to Mr. Muller there are only three ways to combat climate change: mitigation, adaptation or suffering. The species that respond better to climate change are those that survive, the resilience refers to this resistance and adaptation to change.

Engineer Muller said that Panama’s economic growth is spectacular yet not its development. Urban growth today is excessive and is being carried out more rapidly in developing countries such as ours. This is why shared learning is an important part of resilience, because it ensures the participation of local communities in infrastructure projects since urban systems that adapt to climate change will become the economic centers of the future.

In Panama, temperature and rainfall has increased, as well as natural disasters that are affecting all countries in the world, changes in the region are becoming more significant and we are losing ecosystem services. All this makes climate change the most important issue of the 21st century.

For Scott Muller the most important attribute to innovate resilience in urban development is the strength of social ties, and he stressed that growth has insurmountable limits but development is unlimited.

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