CENAMEP AIP commemorates World Metrology Day

In regards to World Metrology Day, the National Metrology Center of Panama AIP (CENAMEP – AIP), located at the City of Knowledge, held the lecture «Implementation of the International System of Units and the impact of measurements in our quality of life» with the participation of renowned companies and institutions that regulate and influence the daily lives of Panamanians, covering various areas such as food, health, sewage and clean water, research, development and innovation, electricity, telecommunications, public safety, among others.

Javier Arias, Director of CENAMEP AIP, noted that they are in the process of collaborating in the implementation of Law No. 52 of December 11, 2007, which regulates metrological activities in the Republic of Panama. This Act regulates metrological activities in the country with the intention of improving the quality of products and services as well as including the change from the English System of Measurement to the International System of Units, starting December 2012. It is important to conduct these events that help Panamanians learn about the importance of metrology and in turn recognize the role private and government entities have regarding this science.

The lecture was attended by representatives of the University of Panama who provided details on the International System and its implementation in Panama; the National Secretariat of Energy with the presentation of projects carried out in the process of establishing the International System; PROMED with their presentation devoted to Hospital Metrological Control as an essential tool in maintaining health; the Social Security Fund which stressed the application of metrology in the ISO 9001:2008 Certification of its clinical laboratories; ISOTECH who issued a mini-workshop course on the industry’s temperature metrology, the Ministry of Trade and Industry that gave details of standardization and technical regulation in metrology; while ASEP spoke about the implementation of pre-payment meters; PROTO provided torque meter training –  multipliers used by heavy duty professionals, manufacturing, transportation, maintenance, etc.., and ACODECO, responsible for ensuring a balance in the market, spoke about the impact of SI on the quality of life of people.

Javier Arias stressed that for the remainder of the year, CENAMEP AIP will be performing various courses covering topics such as Mass Calibration, Thermometry, and Calibration of volumetric glass, among others.

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