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CEMOSA Panama, new company at the International Technopark of Panama

CEMOSA Panama became an affiliate of the City of Knowledge last Thursday, September 29, 2011, after signing a Cooperation Agreement with the City of Knowledge Foundation.

CEMOSA has more than 35 years displaying its capacities in consultancy and engineering projects, quality control, edification, geotechnical engineering, security and health, quality certification, research and development.  Its main interest is to encourage the development of projects that aim towards energy efficiency, thus establishing the main research, development and innovation headquarters at the City of Knowledge.

The company has 10 labs and 14 offices around the world, from which they will bring the necessary technical assistance for material and construction process control.  On its way to a Sustainable City, the incorporation of CEMOSA to the City of Knowledge reinforces the creation of a space that encourages knowledge management, innovation, research and human development, through economically viable, ethically respectful and fair social activities.

José Andrés Navas and Andrés Céspedes of CEMOSA, Ricardo Endara and Janelle Castrellón of the International Technopark of Panama and Jorge Arosemena, Executive Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation, were present for the cooperation agreement signing.

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