Breast and Prostate Cancer Prevention Conference at the City of Knowledge

The City of Knowledge Foundation and FUNDAYUDA joined efforts to present two conferences regarding Breast and Prostate Cancer Awareness Month this last Friday, October 7, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Convention Center inside the City of Knowledge.

Alfredo Maduro, President of FUNDAYUDA, thanked the City of Knowledge Foundation for joining in the initiative of raising Breast and Prostate Cancer awareness. He also manifested his desire for this activity to be the first of many that both Foundations can carry out.

Dr. Jorge Lasso de La Vega, Gynecologic Oncologist at the National Oncology Institute, offered his presentation “Cancer in Gynecology”.  His conference centered on various types of cancer and how this disease is one of the principal causes of death in Panama.  He emphasized the point that Breast Cancer must be detected on the early stages so that women can have more options of treatment, and that the principal risk factor is age.  Dr. Lasso de La Vega also mentioned the principal characteristics of Breast and Cervical Cancer, which are the most common types of cancer in a woman.  He also spoke about the modifiable factors that can reduce the risk of getting cancer and the diverse actions that they are putting into use in order to prevent this terrible disease. “Cancer is not going to disappear, he explained, therefore we must focus in having better tools to fight and treat it”.

Dr. Celeste Alston, Specialist in Urology, shared her presentation “Prostatic Pathology” in which she spoke about prostate cancer and prostatitis. She started her presentation speaking about the peripheral prostate zone, which is where the cancer tends to originate, and the way this could be detected with a simple rectal examination. Besides, she indicated the functions of the prostate, the prostate diseases, the types of growth, the obstructive and irritative symptoms, the tests that can be done in order to locate a possible prostatic problem and the treatments and medications in order to improve the quality of life of the patient.  Prostate cancer is rising and it is also the most common type of cancer for Panamanians; therefore the idea is for males above the age of 40 to get an examination every year and adopt a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of suffering this disease.

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