Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Brazilian Delegation of SEBRAE visits the City of Knowledge

In recent days, and regarding the celebration of the Brahman Congress in our country, a delegation of the Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises (SEBRAE), with major projects in Bovine Genetics and with the aim of acquiring closer ties with Panama, visited the City of Knowledge.

The delegation received a presentation about the City of Knowledge by its Executive Director, Jorge Arosemena, with the presence of the Director of the International Technopark of Panama, Ricardo Endara, its Project Manager, Janelle Castrellón, and Project Manager of Information and Communications Technologies, Gabino Ayarza. The Delegation of SEBRAE enjoyed a tour of the City of Knowledge with a visit to the facilities of Born Animal Biotechnology Panama, located at Gallery 243. BORN is the union of renowned technicians and scientists who have as primarily objective to promote research, applicable in the areas of animal biotechnology (genetic enhancement, reproductive, nutritional, health, animal welfare), with workforce training.

The SEBRAE delegation consisted of Ms. Carla Ribeiro, Biotechnolgy Project Manager in the State of Minas Gerais, Ms. Carla Farias, Market Access Analyst and International Affairs Unit, Ms. Heloisa Tinoco, Analyst of Sebrae-MG in the Bovine Genetics Cluster, Dr. Beatriz Lopes, Manager of the Bovine Genetics Cluster, and Mr. Ricardo Reuter Ruas, of the Fertilize Company, and Member of the Cluster.

SEBRAE promotes training programs, building partnerships, regional development and market access. It works by reducing the tax burden for SMEs in Brazil, and facilitates the opening of markets, while expanding access to credit, technology and innovation.

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