Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Book donation: “City of Knowledge, a legacy under construction”

Last May 18th the City of Knowledge Foundation made a donation to the legal deposit of the National Library Ernesto J. Castillero R. of its book: “City of Knowledge, a legacy under construction”, published by the City of Knowledge Editorial.  The book captures everything related to the historic, architectonic, urban and landscape patrimony of Clayton and the City of Knowledge campus.  Besides, additional deliveries were made to 45 public libraries all over the country.

In its 144 pages, profusely illustrated with photographs, maps and drafts, the book shows the transformation that the City of Knowledge has been making inside the 120 hectares of the old base, which were delivered in 1999, as well as the criteria that inspired this transformation and the projects that are made for the conservation and use of the received legacy.

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