Are Green Expo 2012 at the City of Knowledge

The Conference and Expo about global resources for the environment, energy, water, recycling, sustainable cities and green innovations for Latin America: Are Green Expo 2012, was held from October 2 to 4 at the City of Knowledge Convention Center.

Dr. Guillermo Castro, Academic Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation (FCDS), participated in this event with welcoming remarks to the audience. In them he highlighted the role of the FCDS, a private non-profit organization created to organize the City of Knowledge project in order to place knowledge at the service of sustainable development, promoting the competitive advantages of Panama. He noted that these advantages emerge from the integration of the Canal to our economy, and they are expressed primarily in the formation of a global service platform around the Canal, and a market for environmental services of global reach, particularly in relation to our extraordinary wealth regarding water and biodiversity. He also mentioned that Are Green Expo links in a new way information technology, global services and entrepreneurship in relation to the platform around the Canal, and biosciences and environmental management around the environmental services market.

According to Dr. Castro «the day will come when it will be clear to everyone that the most important resource of Panama is in its exceptional ability to provide environmental services, from water to biodiversity, going through the financial services organization such as those that the Corporación Andina de Fomento offers to promote this critically important market for the future of our species and life on Earth.»

About Are Green Expo  

Are Green Expo’s main objective was to gather for 3 days, the global industry that is interested to enter the Latin American market to contact, meet, networking and do business, exchange goods, services, knowledge and experiences. It is therefore the perfect platform to launch products, services, initiatives and green projects to both the corporate and general consumer in the Latin American market.

Environmental experts, government representatives and general audiences from different industries, who are already working or who are concerned about environmental responsibility, attended the Expo.

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