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Arango Software Int. (ASI Group) obtains CMMI-DEV Level 2 Certification

This accreditation was obtained on April 25, 2011 with the support, dedication and professionalism of all the ASI Group and under the consultancy of Procesix INC. The accreditation covers the implementation processes and the development of Ab@nks solutions.

Once this level has been reached, the work teams, as well as the clients, obtain a better understanding and control of the activities that are conducted, clarification of requirements and better and more efficient mechanisms to respond to any change, impact or potential diversion that may occur during a project or service.

By applying better practices like CMMI, the development processes experience a boost in capacity and the software produced has a better quality, achieving in less time an increase in effectiveness and a more precise execution of work plans, thus allowing the organization to fulfill the client expectations with higher accuracy.

As a Panamanian company, leader in Latin America and the Caribbean when it comes to development, implementation and maintenance of technological products for the financial sector, ASI Group strengthens its commitment to quality services and solutions, therefore becoming one of the first companies in achieving this accreditation that represents a huge step for the corporation, clients, cooperators and the country.

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