Agromovil Project: Communication Platform for Excluded Communities

The Agromovil Project is an initiative of the Foundation for Agropecuary Technology Innovation (FIAGRO) of El Salvador, in conjunction with Quantic Vision, based at the City of Knowledge, and financing by the IDB, conceived in 2007, which aims to use technology in the agricultural sector.

El Salvador has small production units made up of families with incomes under $200, located in remote areas far from the cities, that do not have access to information on the prices of the products they produce, input prices or access to technical training.

FIAGRO conducted a study and pilot project with a small group of producers, which consisted of a Platform for the Commercialization of Agricultural and Agribusiness Products and dissemination of market information through mobile phones, which yielded valuable information on the impact of getting information, such as product prices, input prices and technical assistance, through text messages.

With these results, FIAGRO, along with Quantic Vision and financing by the IDB, initiated the project «Agromovil», an Agricultural and Agribusiness Information System, which is a service platform that allows small production units and SMEs to access information to improve production and marketing of agricultural products, in order to help improve their competitiveness and productivity. The project has a duration of 2 years, aiming at 2,500 producing units, 100 SMEs as users (for purposes of results to the IDB), because in reality the beneficiaries will be many more.

This communication platform can transmit in an agile, efficient and simple way, information on market prices of agricultural products, prices of agricultural inputs and materials, business opportunities, weather information and technical information.

The platform installed by Quantic Vision has a software that handles appropriate communications that include SMS (text messages to cell phones), phone (voice), email, social networking and website.

From this project FIAGRO and Quantic Vision have signed an agreement to implement this Platform for Communication in other projects of a similar nature, in other countries, each contributing the best of their experience in the agricultural knowledge and software development.

More information about the Agromovil Project:

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