Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Agreement between the City of Knowledge Foundation and the Latin American Center for Malaria Research

On Monday, March 19, the City of Knowledge Foundation received a visit from Dr. Socrates Herrera, Director of the Latin American Center for Malaria Research (CLAIM), in order to sign an agreement with Professor Jorge Arosemena and thus become a new Academic affiliate of the City of Knowledge.

CLAIM specializes in multidisciplinary and applied research to generate knowledge, tools and strategies for effective control of malaria in specific epidemiological contexts. This includes the development of training programs in the biomedical field and the supply of technical services and advice in areas such as epidemiology, medical entomology and immunology.

By signing this agreement CLAIM seeks to establish partnerships with organizations closely linked or established at the City of Knowledge. Furthermore, it strengthens the existing network of multidisciplinary research of malaria in Panama that will seek to generate the required knowledge to develop more efficient and effective programs for the prevention and control of this disease.

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