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A message on World Recycling Day 2012

Since 1994, each May 17 marks the celebration of World Recycling Day, date established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in order to promote a culture of recycling, which decreases pollution and preserves the world’s natural resources.

It is very important to know the great beneficial impact we cause by recycling properly the garbage we generate every day, and thus reducing pollution.

In mid-2011 the City of Knowledge, as part of its commitment to sustainable development, implemented its Solid Waste Management System. The System, since its conception, considered a gradual increase in the percentage of waste to recover, as we know that the separation process is new to many, and therefore, it would take some getting used to this good practice.

The City of Knowledge Foundation projected a monthly target of recovery of recyclable material by weight of 7.08 tons/month for the eight months of the program. The value obtained to date is of 3.12 tons/month, or 44% of our expectations, which indicates that despite our progress we are still far from achieving our goal.

Despite these results, the collaboration and enthusiasm of many people who are cooperating motivates us to keep on going, and reiterate that the expected success depends on the collective effort between users, FAS PANAMA and the City of Knowledge Foundation.

The support from users who are participating in the program has been vital and we are confident that as more users join we will build responsibly our sustainable city.

Lets keep participating and getting informed. City of Knowledge, towards a Sustainable City.


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