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8th International Design Workshop at ISTHMUS

The Architectural and Design School for Latin America and the Caribbean ISTHMUS, located at the City of Knowledge, is developing its 8th International Design Workshop, with the participation of students from public and private universities in Panama, Guatemala, Colombia and Ecuador, as well as teachers from Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Guatemala and Ecuador.

In its 8th version, the International Workshop promotes reflection and experimentation with an inhabited bridge starting from two initial considerations: the bridge as a solution that saves light between two points, and the habitat as an alternative that considers innovative solutions and manages to cope with natural disasters and other possibilities.

The workshop encourages the creative experimentation of 70 students, divided into 22 groups, from different cultures and careers in architecture, engineering design, industrial design, graphic design and related fields, who have already submitted their first draft to the careful assessment of their teachers.

«… and the bridges live» is a way of thinking and solving, not just a housing or unity between places problem, its also an opportunity to consider new alternative energy, new uses, revive city sites or cultural landscapes, over streams and on riverbanks that are often isolated.

The workshop will conclude on Friday, July 20, after four weeks with 8-hour days, when students present their final projects and propose alternatives to circumvent the increasingly frequent risks and habitat solutions for settlements in tropical countries.

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