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50 years of Peace Corps

The Peace Corps, an American volunteer program run by the United States Government and dedicated to promote peace and friendship in countries on their way to development, is celebrating its 50 years of existence.

In Panama the Peace Corps promotes sustainable solutions in the areas of health, sanitation, agriculture, environment, small business, tourism and teaching English.  Besides, they provide technical assistance to small farmers, work on community environmental and economic development, assist rural communities to improve environmental health and work with governmental and non-governmental Panamanian agencies for the development of the country.

The Peace Corps, located at building 240 inside the City of Knowledge, have more than 25 years experience living and working side-by-side with Panamanians to overcome the most pressing needs of Panama’s rural poor. This is why in their 50 years existence they have committed themselves to eradicating poverty, promote social justice and foster cross-cultural understanding.

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