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Advantages of establishing your company within Ciudad del Saber


Entities that meet certain requirements and carry out the Affiliation process, have the additional advantage of receiving tax and migratory incentives granted to Ciudad del Saber by special legislation to promote research, innovation and the transfer of knowledge and technology.

The campus

The campus has a unique infrastructure and certified sustainable architecture. Rental spaces include a large auditorium, conference rooms, an athenaeum, lecture / meeting spaces and classrooms, all equipped with state-of-the-art technology.


Centrally located, on the banks of the Panama Canal, 15 minutes from downtown Panama City, 5 minutes from the Amador tourist complex and 45 minutes from Colon City, located on the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal.


Constant exchange of knowledge and experience between different actors from the business, academic, scientific and creative sectors, as well as NGOs and international organizations, favoring innovation, collaboration and knowledge transfer, forming a broad local and global network of allies.

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Affiliation process



Due Diligence

Final Approval

Admission Criteria

The Ciudad del Saber Foundation contemplates admission criteria of general validity for all entities, projects or academic programs that apply to integrate to the complex. There are also additional and specific criteria referring to International Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations. Entities whose activity coincides with several of the following characteristics have a high potential of becoming affiliated entities:

  • Your entity is part of one of these sectors: Technology, Science, Government, NGOs and International Organizations, Education, Creative Industries and Culture.
  • If the mission of your entity is to generate social change, and the beneficiaries of your programs or projects are part of vulnerable groups in the country or Region.
  • You have a job creation plan in the short, middle, and long term.
  • You have a sustainability report or are developing it.
  • You have a plan to establish alliances with other members of our community.
  • If your application is accepted, you will make our campus your main operation base.
  • Your entity is part of a relevant cluster in the country or the Region.
  • Your products or services are unique and difficult to copy.
  • To develop your activity, you need the support of Ciudad del Saber.
  • You have registered one or more patents.

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