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User Centred Design (UCD) and the Card Sorting technique

Desde: Junio 27, 2012 - 9:00 am
Hasta: Junio 27, 2012 - 11:00 am

The City of Knowledge Business Accelerator (AEP) and the Panamanian Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (CAPATEC) invite you to this workshop by Elsa Canto.

Location: City of Knowledge Business Accelerator, Building 234. Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 Time: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Price: $40.00 + ITBMS Reservations: Tel. 317-3100 or

«The central premise of user centred design is that the best designed products and services result from understanding the needs of the people who will use them.»  – Design Council.

Members of the Entrepreneur Network of the Panama Business Accelerator enter free of charge.

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