Conferencia: Improving Information Access Using The Semantic Web

Desde: Octubre 19, 2010 - 12:00 am
Hasta: Octubre 19, 2010 - 12:00 am

Breakfast meeting

Date: Tuesday October 19th

Time: 07:30 AM

  • Synopsis: In many organizations, people struggle to get all the relevant information they need to make better decisions or the see a holistic picture of the issue they are handling. They need to access diverse types of information from disparate sources using many tools. This complication often leads to valuable-information being overlooked, or a lot of time spent on retrieving the relevant information. The Semantic Web, and the technologies that it is built-on,  are an emerging trend in many cutting-edge IT projects in government and enterprises worldwide. They are backed by all the industry leaders, and allow unprecedented effectiveness and efficiency in Information-Fusion, allowing the right-people to receive the right-information at the right-time. In this lecture we shall introduce the key concepts of Semantic Technologies and show how applying them can make your organization smarter, and more efficient.
  • Curriculum Vitae:  Oren Yosifon is the Chief-Technology-Officer of MindCite, a company providing government and commercial Intelligence systems,  since 2007 . Oren has held other technology management positions in the company since its inception in 2000. His areas of expertise are the application of Semantic Web technologies in text and link analysis processes, Information-Retrieval Algorithms design and innovative Software Engineering approaches.


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