What does the campus offer?

The City of Knowledge is located just minutes from downtown Panama City and its historic center. The transfer terminal of the City of Knowledge offers access to the Metro Bus network.

Members of the City of Knowledge have everything they need on campus to develop their business activities, entrepreneurship, training, research, and creative or institutional endeavors. 

The City of Knowledge offers its members spaces to be used as offices, coworking areas, laboratories, workshops, classrooms, and others.  It also has facilities for meetings and events, auditoriums, temporary lodging, residential areas, commercial establishments, green areas, as well as cultural, recreational, and sports facilities.

The campus has a community of residents and also welcomes visitors. It offers a broad schedule of activities to the public, organized to share knowledge through congresses, conferences, and workshops on scientific, entrepreneurial, creative and humanistic topics. It also offers cultural and community activities that enrich life on campus.

The City of Knowledge creates an environment of well-being for individuals and the community. It promotes sustainable urban development and the preservation of its historic heritage, while aspiring to serve as an innovation laboratory for social change.

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