The strength of sisterhood: the City of Knowledge celebrates women with #WeAreOne


As part of the commemoration of International Women’s Month, the City of Knowledge Foundation carried out a series of activities to recognize women’s invaluable contribution to the community, especially after this last year of the pandemic, full of uncertainties and challenges but also full of achievement and growth.

“Living in sisterhood means having the courage and the purpose to break the circle of aggression among ourselves; to remain allies because we are women,” said Lacey Agredo, Organizational Development Analyst at the City of Knowledge Foundation and co-organizer of the event.

The day began with participants meeting at the Convention Center; the group was split into smaller gatherings to reflect on the meaning of sisterhood, understood as the relationship of solidarity among women to create support networks that promote social changes, in favor of equality.

Through the reading of poems, exchange of ideas and the presentation of the data obtained from the internal survey carried out by the Gender Diversity and Inclusion Committee, everyone had the space to express their point of view regarding the need to practice empathy, respect, and tolerance towards other women regardless of their sexual orientation, nationality, race or religious belief.

“That need to come together comes from understanding that we all find ourselves facing the same challenges and disadvantages in the society in which we live. All of us have faced similar difficulties in the workplace or the personal arena,” said Lúa Delgado, member of the Inclusion, Diversity and Gender Committee (IDG) of the City of Knowledge Foundation.

It was also an essential moment to share personal and work experiences, strengthen ties of coexistence, as well as ties of support and solidarity among all.

The unveiling of the #WeAreOne mural

As part of the day’s activities, a mural alluding to sisterhood was officially inaugurated under the hashtag #SomosUna (#WeAreOne). The mural is painted with the characteristic purple hue that represents the tireless struggle of women for equality; it includes diverse faces representing the cultural richness of our country. This becomes a dedicated space within the City of Knowledge to vindicate the rights of women and girls around the world.

The rest of the activities continued with photo ops and an emotional moment devoted to writing thoughts and ideas related to sisterhood right by the artistic intervention “Entre Todos”. The activity was carried out in compliance with all biosafety measures, to ensure a responsible commemoration of International Women’s Month.

The #WeAreOne mural, located on Carlos Lara street, next to the Entre Todos artists intervention, will be accessible to all visitors who wish to join in this commemoration, take photos and share them on social networks under the hashtag #SomosUna. Remember to tag us at @ciudaddelsaber to share your photos on our social networks!

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