The City of Knowledge Park: A new stage for sports and recreation


Twenty years ago, when the City of Knowledge Foundation was created, its founders knew of the importance and great responsibility of managing the recreational and sports facilities of the former Clayton military base. For this reason, the Kiwanis Sports City’s Board of Trustees was created with the aim of managing these facilities and enhancing its potential.

The Board of Trustees leaves a legacy of hard work and effort, now the City of Knowledge Foundation begins a new stage in its history by assuming responsibility for the administration of this space.

Currently, the park located within the City of Knowledge’s campus is made up of green areas, a two-kilometer trail, softball, baseball, soccer, tennis, racquetball and basketball courts, a golf practice field (driving range) , swimming pool, gym and children’s park.  Some of these services such as the swimming pool, the gym, the sports fields or the barbecue ranches will continue to operate at an affordable price for the community, which will also allow the Foundation to take good care of the facilities and its maintenance.

In recent years, the sports spaces within the City of Knowledge Park have become the home of a wide variety of events, receiving countless national and international visitors who participate in multiple leagues, tournaments, races and training sessions. Several soccer, basketball and baseball sports academies use the facilities for the preparation of athletes who have been awarded scholarships by international schools or are part of the staff of professional teams such as: the Miami Marlins, Millwakee Brewers, Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, New York Mets, among others.

In addition, it has hosted international rugby, cricket, softball, basketball, soccer and baseball tournaments, and also national and regional competitions of synchronized swimming and the Special Olympics.

Over the years, this space has established itself as a key element for recreation and an ideal area to experience contact with nature, contributing significantly to the quality of life of the people who live in its surrounding areas and others who seek recreation and leisure activities with friends, family and their pets.

  The future of the City of Knowledge Park

The pandemic has reminded us of the importance of enough open-air spaces for recreation and sports.

For this reason, the City of Knowledge Foundation, in its new role as park administrator, plans to expand upon the experience and knowledge previously acquired by the Kiwanis Sports City’s Board of Trustees and to implement a plan that positively impacts sports spaces focusing on different work approaches such as social and community impact, financial sustainability and the quality and uniformity of service provided to visitors.

In this new stage, the City of Knowledge Foundation aims to create an impact on society through the promotion of sports, culture and education, while fostering a close relationship with nature, a bond with history and a sense of belonging in all users.

“For us it is essential to continue providing all park visitors with an excellent service in all its recreational and sports facilities within the campus in an accessible way, for those who live here, as well as those who visit. We aspire to consolidate the standards of services that we offer in the other areas of our campus soon,” said Tony Hau, Customer Service Manager at the City of Knowledge Foundation.

With this new step, the City of Knowledge strengthens its offer of spaces for the enjoyment of the community and its surroundings by being a model alternative in the country for recreation and safe sports: with natural ventilation, reducing stress and improving both physical and mental overall health.

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