Reforestation at City of Knowledge Park


“Imagine if trees gave WiFi, everyone would plant trees like crazy and we would end up with deforestation. It is a pity that they only produce the oxygen we breathe … “, anonymous.

This phrase was in a meme, an anonymous meme of a person who was very clear about the current priorities in this life: a good signal, a cell phone and that’s about it. Of course, these priorities cannot be called that, the first thing people need -the real priority- to be able to enjoy technology is to exist, and for that the help of Mother Nature is needed.

In July 2019, the City of Knowledge Foundation began planting approximately 50 trees at the Kiwanis Park, with priority being the trail. This is part of the campus-wide reforestation initiative that includes planting a total of 100 trees.

This initiative has as a priority to increase the shade in the pedestrian area of the campus and thus decrease the temperature, increase the biodiversity of the flora to present greater attractions to the fauna, intensify the arboreal canopy of the site, and encourage the occupants to walk comfortably.

There are several species of trees that are and will be populating our campus and our park. The list includes trees such as the Amador (Clitoria faichildiana), Ordil (Erythrophleum suaveolens), Parrot (Cojoba arborea), Mahogany (Swietenia macrophyla), IndianNude (Bursera simaruba), Sparrowhawk (Pentaclethra macroloba), Neem (Azadirachta indica), Ylangylang (Ylang Ylang) and the Tree Fern (Filicium decipens).

The City of Knowledge park will have more vegetation, more shade and it will look even more beautiful. In this paradise within the city people will not have to worry about the oxygen that reaches their lungs and they can now have other priorities. Some that have to do with connecting to the Internet, take a nice photo to share and enjoy the nature that surrounds these 120 hectares of a beautiful project.

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