Privacy policy


All information provided by an Internet user through the portal has been provided voluntarily and will only be used by the FCDS for its file and database.

In the case of MI CDS, it is understood that the data provided by users for the generation of their profile are provided voluntarily and will be treated confidentially. However, the FCDS is not responsible for the entry of third parties in an unauthorized way to its database, nor for failures in its systems that facilitate this incursion.

The City of Knowledge Foundation undertakes to give confidential use of all the information provided by the users of the portal, as well as in the handling of the online procedures or services offered through the network.

Content ownership

The City of Knowledge web portal is owned by the City of Knowledge Foundation (FCDS). Therefore the copyright of all the contents that appear in it is of the FCDS.

The partial or total reproduction of the contents of the portal for personal use is authorized provided that credit is given to the FCDS. Any analog or digital use of these text or graphic content for mass or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited, unless prior authorization is requested and obtained from the FCDS.

The affiliates of the City of Knowledge, as well as the persons authorized to update content on this portal permanently assign their reproduction rights so that the FCDS has them. Likewise, the content generators authorized by the FCDS are ultimately responsible for the information or images uploaded to the FCDS portal.

Forums and comments

The user of the portal assumes that their participation in the forums or spaces of participation enabled is under their strict responsibility and that the FCDS is not responsible for the content of these comments or their consequences.


The FCDS may modify the design or order of the contents on the web without prior notice. Likewise, the FCDS can modify or eliminate participation spaces without the obligation to communicate it previously.