We are in the Global Entrepreneurship Week


City of Knowledge supports the Global Entrepreneurship Week that was born as a global initiative to inspire entrepreneurs and connect all the actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including 170 countries and more than 15,000 organizations. Panama joins this initiative through the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Authority (AMPYME) as the entity responsible for promoting the entrepreneurial culture in the Panamanian population.

The inauguration was held for the first time in virtual mode in an experience that allowed attendees to interact face to face with other attendees as if they were in a real physical space.

During the opening ceremony we had the opportunity to have the participation of Oscar Ramos Jirón, Director of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Authority of Panama, who addressed the attendees with a visionary and inspiring message for all the entrepreneurs who accompanied and who share a vision of growth for our country.

Then the cycle of conferences focused on businessmen and entrepreneurs began with more than 50 local and international speakers who joined this great event.

John Rossman, entrepreneur, former Amazon executive, author of the bestseller “Think like Amazon”, gave an extraordinary presentation teaching key points to implement an Amazon culture in Panama.

Local and international speakers shared their success stories and the conference closed with the first industrial philosopher who shared a closely guarded secret of how to lead in times of change: Going back to the principles of philosophy.

The rest of the week continues with:

-E-commerce and cross-border topics with local and international experts.

-Silicon Valley experts in innovation issues and vast experience in supporting entrepreneurships.

-Competence of business plans.

-The Marketplace of Panamanians, for Panama and the World.

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