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TRAMA, the virtual meeting in which professionals from the various sectors of the Panamanian creative economy share experiences, knowledge and initiatives, began on Friday, July 24.

TRAMA arises with the aim of helping to articulate the key actors of the various industries in a collaborative and competitive ecosystem. This meeting is organized in collaboration with partner organizations and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Panama.

Jorge Arosemena, Executive President of the City of Knowledge Foundation, Irene Perurena, Executive Vice President, and Walo Araújo, Leader of Strategic Projects, were in charge of giving the welcoming remarks.

City of Knowledge was born with the idea of creating a space for dialogue and exchange with the world. In this sense, TRAMA has summoned artists from different areas to be able to talk about creative industries in the country. “It is a privilege for us to promote this important component, the spiritual and emotional part of human beings, which is always present in the arts”, emphasized Professor Arosemena.

for her part, Irene Perurena highlighted the inclusion that events like TRAMA manage to promote. “I urge you to join us in following the commitment and movement to have always more women prepared with experience in this type of events. TRAMA is no exception, here you will see panels and events with the unique participation of women, something that we are proud of,” she explained.

According to Walo Araújo, “in 2015 we launched the creative industries cluster at the City of Knowledge. Our idea is to attract key players from these industries on campus and thus drive them through creative, business and professional connections.” In this sense, TRAMA is a very important component of this cluster.

The first presentation of the event was given by Marú Galvez, from the Ministry of Culture, who gave a conference on the new public policy of the Panamanian State in cultural matters, based on cultural rights and sustainable development, as well as the strategic framework for the Panamanian creative economy.

Then, María Lucía Alemán, Executive Director of the MAC museum, and Luz Bonadies, Communicator and Former Executive Director of the MAC museum, shared the experiences and projects of an entity and a space that has been transformed to open up and better serve the community. The event was moderated by Mariana Núñez Haugland, Vice President of Communications for the City of Knowledge Foundation and member of the MAC Board of Directors.

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