Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

TAE Technology and Performing Arts Conference

From Monday 15 to Tuesday, July 16, the TAE Technology and Performing Arts Conference is being held at the City of Knowledge Foundation Main Building.

TAE seeks to exchange experiences and knowledge about the use of technology in performing arts and in learning processes. Also, it seeks to explore the different potential local and regional markets of educational dance programs or courses that integrate technological tools, and identify barriers to the creation and implementation of these courses. It also has the mission of promoting the potential of contemporary dance as an innovative and interdisciplinary discipline.

The event featured talks, discussion sessions and presentations on opportunities and barriers to artistic, technological and interdisciplinary education in Panama, as well as the use of technology, business opportunities, connections and innovation in Performing Arts.

The opening ceremony had the participation of Marlyn Attie and Analida Galindo of the Espacio Creativo Foundation, Víctor Sánchez, National Director of Innovation of the National Secretariat of Science and Technology, and Walo Araújo, Vice President of Communications of the City of Knowledge Foundation.

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