SOLOS³, a tale of confinement through dance, told on a tour through the City of Knowledge

SOLOS³ (Solos al cubo), an event coproduced by the Prisma Festival and the City of Knowledge, consisted of the staging of five one-man pieces that arose from an extraordinary call for creation for local dancers during the most arduous months of confinement.

During the presentation, the public had the opportunity to appreciate each of the contemporary dance pieces in a circuit of five historical points along the City of Knowledge campus such as: the Lakes Park, La Rampa (near the El Ñeque bowling alley), the Urban Market, the Kiwanis Gymnasium and the Athenaeum.

“For the City of Knowledge, as the innovative community that we are, it is essential to collaborate and serve as a platform for activities that promote creativity and self-expression, and that allow the community to rejoin cultural and artistic life, after so many months of suspended live events. We invite you to participate, get to know and tour the City of Knowledge, a space that is as yours, as the cultural agenda’s that we promote from here, such as this wonderful SOLOS³ initiative,” said Mariana Núñez Haugland, Vice President of Communications of the City of Knowledge.

The presentation of SOLOS³ marks a milestone as the first activity of its kind to take place on the City of Knowledge campus since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, one year later.

The presentation of SOLOS³ marks a milestone by becoming the first public activity carried out at the City of Knowledge in hybrid form, designed for a face-to-face and virtual audience, but with a live broadcast, since the start of the pandemic. Likewise, it opens the door to carry out more activities in different, alternative and outdoor spaces in a safe and innovative way.

“We are infinitely grateful to all the participating public, the City of Knowledge, the sponsors, the volunteers, the creators, the work team and everyone who with their support allowed us to make this enriching experience possible for each and everyone. We hope to see you again in October of this year with Festival Prisma 2021, ” stated Ximena Eleta, Co-director of Festival Prisma.

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