So long, Terry

Culture and Community

On February 15, the cultural manager Terrence “Terry” Ford died in the city of Panama. For more than three decades Terry Ford organized the youth music camps of the National Concert Association (ANC) – several of those at the City of Knowledge -, leaving an indelible mark on any young musician who had classical music as its passion. A passion that Ford shared until the day he died. He was 87 years old.

Terry founded the initiative in 1986 as director of the cultural collective until the end of 2019. Recently, Ford had transferred the direction of the ANC to a new generation, but was closely linked to the organization and summer camps. Camps that formed young people who are now recognized musicians, some part of the National Symphony Orchestra and others based abroad.

Today we are extremely sad but at the same time grateful to have shared and fostered the passion for classical music that Mr. Ford felt. And for having provided a space for him to carry out his dream of turning into artists those young people who, with the illusion of succeeding in the world of music, found in Terry a mentor and a guide who lived with enthusiasm the great work that he did for our country.

We will always remember with great love and affection the great Terry Ford.

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