Repensar Panamá calls for transforming state structures

Cooperation and solidarity

Repensar Panamá is a group of Panamanians of different origins, beliefs and ideologies that for a year have put aside their differences to try to build a society that seeks sustainable human development, through national consensus, with democratic inclusion and participation, social and territorial integration, equal opportunities, strengthening of cultural identity, all based on ethical principles supported by relevant and quality education to train citizens committed to the country.

Great thinkers who are part of the City of Knowledge, along with other illustrious figures of our country, form part of this group that called for transforming the fundamental structures of the State and public policies through a medium and long-term planning process.

It should be noted that the group acts on its own behalf, not on institutions, organizations or companies to which they may belong. They make their decisions by consensus and the opinion of each member of the group has exactly the same value. Their only motivation is to contribute constructive ideas that seek to solve the problems that affect society. Furthermore, its mission is totally removed from partisan politics.

This is their call:

  • An education based on ethical principles and values that strengthens individual and national dignity is the most important tool for social change and sustainable human development in the country. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate partisan and union politics from the management of the educational system.
  • The current health crisis has further exposed the need for the absolute integration of the health system and the urgency to take seriously the defense of the environment as a support for sustainable development.
  • In order for Panama to be less unequal, it is necessary to prioritize social development by creating a balance between the country of transit and the peripheral country, the countryside and the regions.
  • The last years have demonstrated the irreversible deterioration of the institutionality of the three State organs and the ineffectiveness of our electoral system, which must be reformed to eradicate clientelism and corruption, deepen participatory democracy and preserve social peace.

Repensar Panamá is formed by: Julio Bermúdez Mosquera, Elberto Cobos, Aracelly De Gracia, Miguel Del Cid Molina, Alexis Dixon Rodríguez, Mario Galindo, Fernando Martínez, Alma Montenegro, Argentina Ying, Jorge Arosemena, Juan Moreno Lobón, Juan David Morgan, Stanley Motta, Eduardo Pazmiño, Juan Planells, José Javier Rivera, Ivanor Ruiz, Rubén Darío Sousa, César A. Tribalos G., and Marelisa Tribaldos.

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