Presentation of Maravilla Manglar

For the celebration of the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem, the City of Knowledge hosted the presentation of the audio book “Maravilla Manglar”, on Friday, July 26 at the City of Knowledge Convention Center.

Welcoming words were given by Dr. Guillermo Castro, Executive Advisor of the City of Knowledge Foundation, who stressed that the Foundation is dedicated to the task of being an innovative community that promotes social change through humanism, science and business. “Our purpose is to contribute to a prosperous, inclusive, democratic and sustainable future for Panama and the world. In this sense, we support the Panamanglar Network, so that communities can coordinate their actions in defense of mangroves. Through dialogues, synergies and innovation we must discover the different uses and benefits of mangroves,” Castro added.

The Maravilla Manglar audiobook is the first of a series of digital educational materials that will seek to motivate and arouse children’s interest so that they learn in a fun way the importance of mangroves. On the book, it was commented that sometimes the worst enemy for our mangroves is ignorance, and that is why the authors, Consuelo Tomás and Romulo Castro, gave themselves the task to tell us where our mangroves are and how they protect us. The mangroves are the first to defend us, but they are in danger because they are threatened.

Maravilla Manglar is organized in five chapters and has five songs. Characters like the crab, the shell, the chitra, the turtle, the bear, and so on, are part of this adventure to save the mangrove from Basureitor, a toxic character, who along with the ax men seek to destroy the town of Maravilla Manglar.

The event was out thanks to the support provided by the MINSA, the Sanitation Program of Panama, the Imaginari Foundation, the Europamundo Foundation and the City of Knowledge Foundation, for the conservation and sustainable development of our mangroves.

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