Planning my life and my world

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As part of the commemorative activities for the celebration of the International Women and Girls in Science Day, the City of Knowledge Foundation co-organized with SENACYT the workshop: Planning my life and my world, aimed at young girls and university Science students who gathered at the CdS Convention Center.During the workshop a series of dynamics were developed in which the young women exchanged experiences and structured a “Life Plan” focused on where they are going and where they plan to see each other in the future.They also enjoyed a talk / exchange with the Panamanian scientists who won the Loreal UNESCO Award, such as  Sandra López Verges, María Beatriz Carreira, Laura Patiño, Lorena Coronado, Gina Della Togna, Gabrielle Britton, Oris Sanjur, Ivone Torres, among others, with whom they got to share their experiences.Finally, the participants wrote in an envelope how they see themselves in 10 years. The envelope was placed in a container that was symbolically buried for a decade, when it will be opened and we shall get to see how much they have achieved for their country.

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