New Acting Director of STRI


For the first time in 110 years of history, a Panamanian and woman, Dr. Oris Sanjur, is named Associate Director for Scientific Administration of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI). Sanjur takes the place of American scientist Matthew Larsen and will oversee more than 400 employees at STRI, including 40 permanent scientists, and some 350 scientific research projects. Her mission in charge of the institution will be to promote the value of science and education.

From City of Knowledge we would like to share our gratitude to Dr. Matthew Larsen for his six years of service, as well as for the positive changes he has brought about in front of STRI. In addition, during this time Matthew has been a fundamental part of the City of Knowledge Board of Directors as Secretary.

Sanjur graduated from the University of Panama in 1991 and completed her doctorate in molecular biology at Rutgers University in 1998. She served as president of the Panamanian Association for the Advancement of Science from 2006 to 2009.

STRI promotes an understanding of tropical nature and its importance to human well-being, trains students to conduct research in the tropics, and encourages conservation, raising public awareness of the beauty and importance of tropical ecosystems.

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