More than 4 million satellite television users will have the option of payments in Cryptocurrencies

• Cryptobuyer, a fintech company based in The City Of Knowledge in Panama, offers this possibility after announcing its alliance with Simple TV, recently acquired from AT&T by the Chilean investment fund Scale Capital.

Panama City, March 26, 2021 – Cryptobuyer, the Panama-based fintech company that offers payment and remittance services using cryptocurrencies since 2015, announced its latest alliance with Simple TV, the leading subscription-based satellite television operator in Venezuela, to offer its payment systems to more than 4 million users based on digital assets and banking APIs.

Simple TV, recently acquired from AT&T by the Chilean investment fund Scale Capital, offers subscription services to more than 300 channels including the large networks ESPN, HBO and Disney +, offering with this agreement an alternative to traditional payment systems.

“With the arrival of cryptocurrencies the world economy began to change, and at the juncture of the Covid-19 pandemic, where cash is practically disappeared globally, it becomes much more important to have alternative forms of payment,” said Jorge Farias, founder and CEO of Cryptobuyer. “Our cryptocurrency is a gateway for people who have never interacted with this world of digital currencies, since it is a more intuitive and easy-to-understand product because they can be used on a day-to-day basis,” assured.

During the pandemic, especially Latin America has experienced a boom in the adoption of payment systems based on digital assets motivated by a growing demand for systems that do not require contact and that are cheaper and easier to operate, thus promoting true financial inclusion.

With nearly $ 50 billion traded during 2019, Latin America accounted for between 5% and 9% of all that activity, according to New York-based blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis.

Payment options include the most popular digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in addition to XPT, Cryptobuyer’s digital currency, the latter allows preferential access to packages, products and services with discounts and loyalty points for their use that can be redeemed in thousands of recognized merchants in the region.

With this announcement, both companies position themselves as global innovation leaders and become the world’s first cryptocurrency payment processing company to partner with a leading satellite TV company in the region. This is just one of the first alliances on the roadmap that they are working on together.


About Cryptobuyer

Cryptobuyer, founded in 2015, offers payment services and commercialization of digital assets focused on real usability and financial inclusion, including points of sale in thousands of recognized locations, ATMs and the Cryptobuyer PRO exchange, in addition to its own XPT Digital Token that is emerging as the standardized payment currency for the region, it has the backing of the Investment Funds of Canada and Invictus Capital, from South Africa.

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About Simple TV

Leading satellite television operator that offers subscription services to millions of users, recently acquired from the North American company AT&T, is part of the investment fund Scale Capital SA of Chile, with multiple business branches including payment systems, mobile phone services and artificial intelligence.

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