Madre Selva Atelier and the City of Knowledge Foundation commit to planting trees for the future

Earth Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of Panama’s tree species, as well as those who work for sustainability and to protect the environment.

Madre Selva Atelier and the City of Knowledge Foundation came together to organize a meeting between different individuals and entities with the aim of planting 100 trees to commemorate Earth Day. The invitation was made to those that actively work for sustainability and the environment throughout the country. The planting of seedlings was carried out in the iconic Los Lagos Park, which will contribute to improving this public space for all Panamanians, as well as the wildlife that inhabits the surroundings.

Trees are crucial to mitigating climate change and its damaging consequences: they not only help clean the air and balance atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, but they also moderate the climate by providing shade and helping to regulate extreme temperatures.

“Every day we seek ways to channel our team’s and our community’s potential and desire to help, seeking to achieve together what is not possible to do alone. That is why for us, these invitations are also a recognition of the work these companies and organizations do, for their commitment to a better world for everyone,” explained Lúa Delgado Conde, Sustainability Coordinator at the City of Knowledge Foundation.

The seedlings chosen for planting include nearly a dozen native or adapted tree species and include amador, ordil, lorito, yellow guayacán, pink oak, pitheselobium, jacaranda y acacia laureño. Half of them were provided by the City of Knowledge Foundation and the other half by Madre Selva. In addition to this, the atelier will be delivering fifty additional and smaller seedlings to the City of Knowledge Foundation to care for in their nursery and to plant on campus throughout the year.

Madre Selva Atelier is a company that connects art and woodworking, that is strengthening funds to reforest. “There is something special in the search for sustainable alternatives; for that reason, we design art, we create and in this way, we give a hand. We believe that each person is part of this great change that is little by little impacting the world and that each person can make a difference,” explained Laura de Sanctis, owner of the Madre Selva Atelier brand. “We are proud to co-organize this initiative with the City of Knowledge Foundation and look forward to continuing our work together to restore our national forests and grasslands,” she added.

For her part, Inés Coba, Organizational Development Specialist and member of the City of Knowledge Foundation’s Environmental Committee, added that the committee seeks to “continue teaching and involving employees in sustainable practices. For this reason, today we are here, commemorating Earth Day joining forces with the Sustainability team and Madre Selva, rolling up our sleeves to plant and to mobilize for the future of our planet, while strengthening the culture of sustainability of the organization and the community that gathers around it” Coba pointed out.

Earth Day has been celebrated for 51 years after the first Earth Day in 1970, which mobilized more than 20 million citizens to demand action on the environmental challenges of the time. Today, Earth Day is celebrated in more than 192 countries. According to official sources, more than one billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year.

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