Former military officers visit the City of Knowledge

Ex-military who were serving in the old Clayton base, along with their relatives and entourage, visited the City of Knowledge Interpretative Center to learn about the history of this innovative community that promotes social change through humanism, science and business.

“I was stationed at Fort Davis from 1981 to 1984 and we used to come in helicopters to the Clayton base, which were our headquarters, for meetings, visiting and training. I now can see this is a huge change, even though the buildings look the same the whole community has a new purpose,” said former military Andrew McFarland.

For his part, John Davies used to live here at the Coronels houses from 1996 to 1997. “I was the Provost Marshal in charge of all the military police inside the base. I remember standing in front of the headquarters for all the different ceremonies and the parade field out there and it definitely has a different feel to it,” he said.

In the year 2000, 120 hectares of the former military base of Clayton were transformed into the City of Knowledge. Here, entrepreneurs, scientists, thinkers, artists, community leaders, as well as experts in government, NGOs and international organizations work together to develop initiatives that generate social change.

The delegation expressed its admiration for the City of Knowledge project and the vision that the country had to transform a military base and take advantage of the old facilities to carry out a center for the dissemination of knowledge.

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