CIKI 2020 launch

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Special guests, experts in innovation and general public gathered at SENACYT facilities, in City of Knowledge, for the Launch of the X Congress of Knowledge and Innovation (CIKI-2020).

Jorge Arosemena, Executive President of the City of Knowledge Foundation, and Eysel Chong, Knowledge Management Manager of the City of Knowledge Foundation, were part of a panel of experts in the development of innovation ecosystems, in this event that aimed to publicize what is expected for the CIKI 2020, that will take place on November 19 and 20 at the City of Knowledge.

The X Congress of Knowledge and Innovation (CIKI-2020), is an inter-American event that promotes conceptual, methodological and practical progress in knowledge management, intellectual capital and innovation management.

During the launch, Eysel Chong mentioned that “today we will be exchanging experiences on innovation ecosystems, in order to seek alliances so that CIKI in Panama has an important revelation associated with the co-production of the common good.”

For his part, Professor Arosemena recalled that “when Panama was preparing to take control of the reverted areas, a couple of illustrious Panamanians realized that the 21st century was to be dedicated to knowledge. In this case initiatives like CIKI play a very important role since part of our mission is to consolidate ourselves as an innovative community. That’s what it is about, for innovation to benefit the human race.”

The Congress is held annually promoted by the Postgraduate Program in Engineering and Knowledge Management (EGC) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), the Scientific and Technological Park (TECNOPUC) of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and the College of the Americas Program (COLAM) of the Inter-American University Organization (OUI), Canada, in partnership with numerous higher education institutions and organizations committed to the development of innovation in the Americas.

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