CIDES organizes the Third National Sustainable Development Meeting


The Third National Sustainable Development Meeting (ENADES 2020), will be held between October 19 and 23, 2020 in virtual format, organized by the network of the International Center for Sustainable Development (CIDES) of the City of Knowledge.

ENADES 2020 will maintain the tradition of having plenary sessions and technical sessions, in order to open and energize a space for multi-stakeholder, multi-level and multi-disciplinary dialogue, for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in Panama, from a vision strategy applied to the needs of the country. ENADES has the purpose of fostering a synergistic, collaborative and continuous work between the participating actors from the joint responsibility and the differentiation of their roles.

ENADES 2020 also proposes to continue the topics discussed in 2018 and 2019 on water, energy, climate change, urban management and sustainable territories, institutions, citizen participation, sustainable businesses, circular economy, culture of sustainability, and intersectoral and multi-institutional dialogue for the sustainable development.

To date, ENADES is projected as a space of national reference where international organizations, government organizations, local administration technicians, companies, research centers, NGOs and academia participate. It will also be open to students in general and, especially, to those with a vocation in thematic areas of sustainable development.

In this third edition, from the CIDES network, we intend to open a virtual space for a week with various work sessions. For this, an organizational process will be carried out with the participation of national actors linked to the social, economic, environmental and institutional spheres to generate messages, identify thematic areas and design spaces for dialogue, presentations and interaction to reach the Meeting with concrete guidance, basic agreements and lines of action to respond to the strategic challenges of sustainable development in the country.

As in the previous edition, the event will take place thanks to the sponsorship of public administrations and the sponsorship of private entities. The viability of this third edition will depend on the capacity of a collective effort to carry it out.

You can see the event program here.

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