CdS will house the AMMPE for Central America and the Caribbean


The Institute of Applied Research + Forensics & Scientific / Creative Writing (iiafEC), an entrepreneurship based at the City of Knowledge Foundation Innova109 coworking space, has achieved representation for Central America and the Caribbean of the World Association of Women Journalists and Writers (AMMPE).

The iiafEC is a laboratory of ideas that operates as a driving force, a hub of knowledge and research experiences in R + D + i. Its general objective and purpose is based on contributing to scientific advancement through adequate dissemination, Scientific-Academic Writing, providing this specialization to researchers, Startups, research centers, Panamanian universities and other countries with subsidiaries in Panama, international cooperation agencies, INGOs and NGOs.

Thanks to the great work carried out by iiafEC, the City of Knowledge, and more specifically its Innova109 coworking space, ensures the international headquarters of the AMMPE.

About iiafEC

For iiafEC it is a priority to promote scientific production by strengthening applied research to increase publication and the necessary dissemination of local Panamanian knowledge, ensuring high quality standards in content and prioritizing originality from the start.

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