CdS members among the 10 future leaders of Panama

Members of the City of Knowledge community, including Alejandro Carbonell, Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation Innovation Center, have been identified as future leaders of Panama, in a study carried out by the communication consulting firm Llorente y Cuenca, in collaboration with Trivu, a global platform that promotes young talent.

The “Future Leaders” project is an investigation based on linguistic processing techniques and artificial intelligence that identified 10 future leaders of the country. In a total of six months, 120 young people were identified in 12 countries (Spain, Portugal, Peru, the United States, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Panama and Mexico).

In Panama, the future is in the hands of: Camila Aybar (director of the cultural and educational collective Buena Vaina), Katherine Boyce (Youtuber), Alejandro Carbonell (Director of the City of Knowledge Innovation Center and CEO of Tutorez), Francisco Olivella (creator of Mundo Escultura), María José Paiz Arias (creator of According to Majo), José Rodríguez (Co-founder of Ayudinga), Elizabeth Sánchez Ruiz (CEO and founder of Mindful Finance), Diwigdi Valiente (Leader in Sustainable Ocean Alliance), Juan Diego Vásquez (deputy of the Republic) and Sandy Watemberg (environmentalist and member of Marea Verde).

These 10 young people are doing very important things for the country that guarantee modern, inclusive and refreshing leadership. They are very cooperative, willing, accessible people, with a high sense of duty and who do something that goes beyond their jobs.

During the investigation, artificial intelligence techniques were implemented that allowed the processing, among others, of one million 17 thousand 391 words, 11 thousand 771 tweets, 8 thousand 931 posts on Instagram and 81 full speeches on YouTube by leaders of all generations of the Spanish and Portuguese language.

Read the full story at La Prensa newspaper.

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