CdS contributes to La Parada Sana by Conservatorio

Cooperation and solidarity

The City of Knowledge Foundation donated junk material for the creation of “La Parada Sana”, by Conservatorio S.A.  The healthy bus stop is a tactical urban intervention designed to promote social distancing and proper hygiene in one of the most transited bus stops in Santa Ana.

This cheap, quick, impactful project was conceived and executed through and amazing collaboration between local municipal entities, NGOs like the City of Knowledge Foundation, and private organizations, and made possible thanks to the dedication and time of community workers.

As Panama continues its lockdown during COVID-19 and as many residents of Santa Ana are force to live and transit through dense areas in order to make ends meet, with little or no possibility for social distancing, Conservatorio decided to collaborate with neighbors and local authorities to adapt public spaces to the current needs in face of this pandemic.

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