CdS and IESA present a Diploma in Music Business

City of Knowledge in partnership with the IESA management school, present for the first time, its Diploma in Music Business.

The diploma accompanies the participants in their professionalization, offering them a window of possibilities and knowledge for their career development, entrepreneurship and innovation in the music sector.

Through this diploma, you will access the most up-to-date knowledge on how the music industry works locally and globally, as well as the critical processes and factors throughout its value chain, which goes from creation to the production, circulation and distribution of music. You will have the experience of key players from the local and international scene of the cultural and creative industries, and specifically from the music sector. All this will allow you to better focus the development of your career in this industry, and strengthen your ability to develop successful projects in the music sector.

For more information please contact:

+507 306 3710

+507 6305 3678

TW: @iesa

Facebook: iesapanama

Instagram: iesapanama

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