CdS affiliate creates virtual assistants to help fight COVID-19


Silice, a company affiliated to the City of Knowledge, made available to all Panamanians, through the National Government, the services of three virtual assistants (ROSA, PACO and NICO). Silice is a global digital innovation consultancy focused on Digital Transformation and Innovation projects and platforms.

While ROSA handles queries about coronavirus symptoms and general information about the disease, PACO allows the National Police to identify people under surveillance for having tested positive for COVID-19 or who have evaded the isolation period. For its part, NICO is in charge of getting the message to the citizens who are negative in the tests and offering recommendations to face the time they must stay at home in social distance.

These technology platforms are a sample of how technology made at the City of Knowledge is effectively supporting government authorities in rapid responses to containment of COVID-19.

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